Zhongpu Chen


Fall 2021 (Software Engineering)

Lecture Location and Time

From Week 1 to Week 8, every Thursday Friday (Period 1 to Period 3).

  • Room E203 (Thursday).
  • Room E201 (Friday).


  • Week 1: Introduction; Code management
  • Week 2: Code style; Team and agile development
  • Week 3: Requirement analysis; OOP
  • Week 4: Code quality
  • Week 5-6: Design pattern
  • Week 7: Software testing
  • Week 8: IT innovation; Presentation
  • Week 9: Presentation

Note: it is impossible to cover every aspect of Software Engineering in a few weeks, and it is highly recommended to read Code Complete to enhance your understanding.


They can only be accessed via campus network.

se_00_intro.pdf, se_01_overview.pdf, se_02_skill.pdf, se_03_code_style.pdf, se_good_code.pdf, se_04_pair.pdf, se_05_git.pdf, se_06_team.pdf, se_07_requirement.pdf, se_08_design.pdf, se_09_design_pattern_1.pdf, se_09_design_pattern_2.pdf, se_debug.pdf

Exercises and Code